Getting Rid of Salinas Moles with Dawn Soap

Moles are ground dwelling rodents. They are carnivores and feed on insects, bugs and earthworms. They are found in areas where the soil is rich in organic matter. They prefer moist loamy soil. They are active early in the morning and evening and come out after a warm rain. They dig and create a network of tunnels under your lawn and yard. The tunnels are at least 10” underground. Moles are territorial. A single Salinas mole can cause great damage. Moles are actually beneficial because they feed on harmful insects and their tunneling helps in aerating soil. However they are not welcomed by gardeners because of the mess they create leaving mounds of dirt. The tunnels can easily collapse under a person’s weight. What started as a pleasant walk may suddenly end up with a sprained or twisted ankle. They also spoil the lawn and push the roots of plants in the flowering beds. The sudden appearances of surface tunnels or ridges indicate California mole activity. There are many methods to get rid of Salinas moles. They include trapping, using repellents or calling for professional help. The best method of keeping moles away is by making the ground smell and taste unpleasant for them. Using repellents is an easier and more economical method. Chemical repellents may be harmful to children and pets. Repellents made from natural substances can be prepared at home also.

Natural mole repellent
An effective repellent can be made using dawn soap and castor oil. This is easy to make and can be stored for later use. Preparation: Take ¼ cup of castor oil and mix it with 2 tbsp of Dawn soap. Add ¼ of water and blend well using a blender till it is thick and foamy. Put the solution in a sealed container. Store this in a cool dark place. Use it whenever you see mounds of dirt and want to get rid of California moles.

Method of use: Add 2tbsp of the prepared solution to 1 gallon of water. Mix well.
Using a spray bottle, spray this solution in the ground. Spray well completely coating your lawn with this mixture. For larger areas spray in sections to ensure that spraying is done completely. You can also pour it into mole holes and tunnels. This solution is effective because it affects the taste of insects. Moths get repelled by the taste and seek new locations for tastier food. Repeat every week for at least a month. Spraying must also be repeated after rains. Rains may wash away the effect of the solution.

Prevention: Spraying your lawn early in spring also deters moles from entering and settling in your yard.
Having the solution stored is helpful. Anytime you see a mound of earth or sign of Salinas mole activity you are ready with the spray. The same solution can also be prepared by adding garlic, mint or red pepper. Moles are smart and adaptive. They may get tolerant to some remedies. Hence adding different ingredients may help.

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