How to Scare a Salinas Opossum

Salinas opossums are nocturnal animals. They look cute and seem harmless but create unhygienic conditions and can spread diseases. They are difficult to get rid of once they settle. It is therefore necessary to take immediate action to remove them. They are protected by laws and trapping or killing is illegal. Scaring a possum is one of the best options. Some of the methods to scare them away are discussed below.

Motion activated sprinklers or lights
Installing sprinklers or lights which are activated by sensors is a good method. Possums are scared of bright lights being nocturnal. A sudden spray of water startles them and is found to be more effective. A combination of both lights and sprinklers are also used for better results.

Predator scent
Survival instincts in animals cause them to fear and avoid predators. California opossums are no different. Scattering dog or cat hair in places where they are usually found is a deterrent. Direct confrontation with your pet cat or dog is not advisable. This should be avoided since there are chances of them getting harmed.

Pungent scents
Possums are repelled by strong smells. Garlic is very effective. Spreading crushed garlic in places where they are commonly seen works well. Salinas oossums do not like the smell of ammonia also. Care must be taken when handling ammonia. Moth balls can also be used. Chemical repellents available in the market can be sprayed in the yard and near entrances.

Playing a portable radio in the garden also inhibits entry of animals. This method may not be popular with neighbors because of the disturbance.

Other scare tactics
There are possum gadgets which repel them using ultrasonic sounds generated from units with strobe lights. These are portable and can be plugged in or charged by batteries. There are some simple methods which are harmless. Tie Helium balloons around the yard or garden. They sway in the wind and frighten animals. Other items like pin wheels, streamers and ribbons, an oscillating fan etc can also sometimes deter them. Owl statues are also known to be used to scare Salinas opossums.

Preventive measures
Prevention of entry may be a better step than trying to scare them after they have entered. Animals always enter human habitation in search of food or shelter. Cutting down easy accessibility of food will go a long way in making your home and garden animal proof. A few simple practices if done regularly will be more economical and safe. They are
Keep your yard clean and remove any fallen fruit.
• Wire fencing round edible plants will limit their accessibility.
• Specific plants and trees can be covered with garden netting.
• Regular trimming of trees and branches prevent animals from climbing in through them.
• Avoid feeding pets outside.
• Vegetable shortening applied on the top of fences make animals slip when they try to climb in.
• Sealing all holes and cracks in fences and roofs prevent their entry.

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