How to Make a Salinas Rat Trap

Rats are the number one animals that people see in their homes. They enter your home from practically anything! Whether it is a piece of dirt, old food, or trash, they find their way into your home. Once they enter a home, it automatically becomes their home too. They build their own little mouse house there, so they can hide in when you are around. They also tend to steal food and eat it in their homes to feel safe. The only way you are able to capture them is through their stomachs. With the food that you will be using as bait, here is how you can make a homemade mouse trap.

Step 1:
Get a cardboard box and cut it into a rectangle. Make sure the rectangle is not too small or too big, because this is where the Salinas rats get captured on. To get an accurate size, it is best to find their location and make measurements from there.

Step 2:
Find their location throughout the house. They make have more than one hiding spot, especially if it’s a group of rats. This will give you a hard time, but if you do it right, you can trap them all. Once you find their exact location, make sure you make the same amount of rectangles. You will need to put a rectangle box on each location for maximum results.

Step 3:
Set up the glue, you can find flavored glue; which attracts the California rats, or normal glue. You will need to insert a good amount of glue onto to the cardboard boxes that you have cut out. Make sure it is spread out but not too spread out so it won’t dry too fast. Your cardboard box should be similar to the image below. It is fine if the glue is not as neat, as long as it is spread out.

Step 4:
Follow this step if you bought the normal glue instead of the flavored glue. You need bait; the rat won’t find any reason to go on the glued cardboard box if you did not give him a reason to do so. The most practical bait to use is cheese, since it is known that it is the Salinas rats favorite food. Make sure to put the cheese in the middle, so the rat is forced to enter the area that has the glue.

Step 5:
Once it is trap time, place all the cardboard boxes in the appropriate areas and just wait. You can wait over night for maximum results, since they will need to leave their houses and get food within 24 hours. After you have caught them you can put them in a cage and take them to a professional far away from your house so they do not come back.

Step 6:
Make sure they don’t come back by spraying harmful chemicals that would hurt California rats if they come back, this will cause them to flee and not enter the house. Also try to close out any opens in the walls or windows to avoid them entering from there again.

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