How to Find and Remove Salinas Snakes from a Wall

Ever sat in your own home on a nice breezy afternoon and heard something in the wall. At first it would sound like something coming from the other room. Your first guess would be an intruder and you would end up not seeing anything. When you do come to realize the sounds are coming from your wall there are a bunch of animals you could think off. You might be thinking small scale like mice but it could be Salinas snakes. Yes, snakes! Snakes are known to be mostly predatory animals and can hide in the smallest cracks as long as their head can fit in. This is why it becomes imperative to have a proper construction worker come over and see if there is actually something in the wall before we go tearing down the entire house. In most cases California snakes that are hiding in your wall will not come out of their nesting area during the day. They will probably leave during the night to hunt for some mice or rats. Knowing this information makes this the best time to trap the snake before it goes back to it's makeshift home in your wall. This is appropriate if you want to seal the wall or hole it enters through but you may end up not catching the snake. Daytime is more effective since you know where it's going to be all day. Please ensure you entail the services of a professional if you are not well versed with snow trapping.

Before setting any traps ensure the following.
● That the animal you're dealing with is a snake and not a different animal. This is going to help you know what type of trap you should set.
● That the dropping and tracks prove that a snake is within your walls. You can take a photo and compare with online images.
● That there are holes in the wall and ceiling. This should prove that there are snakes in the building.
● Chewed surfaces will also tell you that there is a snake in the wall. Snakes love chewing and destroying surfaces.

Luring the snakes out will be harder than you think. It will also be quite frustrating because snakes are clever animals and will not fall for the simple cheese trap as a rat would. This is why you have to come up with a very solid plan on how you will deal with the snake. Look for online videos or visit an exterminator shop where they can give you ideas on how to lure the Salinas snake out. Snakes are predisposed to stay in their nests where they can avoid danger in the day time. If their nesting should be roughly handled then this will put them in defense mode and they will likely be aggressive. You don't want that. You want the California snake to be unaware of any impending trouble. This will help you to trap it while it is still in a gentle mood. If you cannot stand the sight of Salinas snakes then it would be best to hire someone who is qualified to deal with them before getting into a big mess. Remember some snakes can be venomous and require trained personnel to be removed.

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